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Picture is worth a 1000 words & could save your review

Amazon is excellent at identifying reviews given in exchange for "a free or discounted product." So accept the fact that any review you write is scrutinized more carefully than a regular review.

This scrutiny raises the risk your review could be removed from Amazon permanently & with no option to re-create it. Your review content plus this disclaimer has been the bare minimum, except we have noticed more and more reviews removed for suspicious things.

One of the most common reasons we see a review deleted (excluding the missing disclaimer) is if Amazon thinks you reviewed the product before getting it. Because Amazon has all the shipping details for your order, they also have an excellent idea when you should get the package. If you review in under two days, you run a significant risk the review will be deleted permanently. If you review it within hours you might as well kiss the review goodbye.

So why should you care?

We know almost all of you reading this understand these, but I'll mention the three main reasons a review has to last:

  1. You could lose your LootHoot privileges, and if it becomes a habit, we will revoke all deal grabbing.
  2. Although we can't speak for Amazon, removed reviews will permanently damage your ongoing Amazon reputation.
  3. Because you agreed to help out the seller who is losing a lot of money giving away product.

So how do I avoid having my review removed by Amazon?

Here are the two ways to prevent this from happening:

  1. Don't review before arrival!
  2. Take pictures and include them in your review. Yes, we have seen some of the worst offending reviews last just because of a few images.

So why do images or video help?

Well, it's irrefutable proof you honestly and positively received and reviewed the product.


Yes, LootHoot will continuously check for removed reviews and reviews you have modified well after the deal is over.


L'acheteur · 2 years ago

I have also wondered about this issue. I try not to even open an item until I've taken photo's etc. Sometimes, it takes another few days or more until I have time to edit my photos and complete my evaluation. I'm just an amateur photographer but I really enjoy taking product photo's. Thanks & Blessings, habb55

DaveL · 2 years ago

I often will post a review and then go back later to add the pictures. This is because my photography is rubbish and my wife is a professional photographer and much better. Should I hold off any review until I have all the pictures? This might delay a valid review for anything up to a week+ depending on how busy the photographer is.

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