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I'm a mom,of human and kitties.I LOVE animals. I also love art,drawing,paint,crafts,clay,coloring etc.I love essential oils,candles,& wax melts.I read books daily,play video games,bike ride,roller skate,and love to watch movies/tv.I also love music,jewelry making,I cook,sometimes bake,and do family things .I collect things like makeup, beauty products,jewelry(costume can't afford real),clothes, boots,jewelry boxes,fantasy items,Nintendo and Xbox games,okay,I'm sure there's more,won't name them all.I have a lot and tried a lot!I also love to shop,and I'm always on the lookout for new products ,that my family can try.I count on reviews to buy most of my products,so I try to be 100% honest, and detailed as possible!:)

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