LootHoot Seller Pricing

Our members never pay to grab a deal's Amazon promo/coupon codes.

Amazon sellers can list deals at no charge.

Our Deal Features

We offer two deal tiers
  • Free Deals, no frills
  • Proven Deals, customer service follow-ups with members on your behalf in hopes of more reviews and feedback.
Free Deal
No charge
Proven Deal
1 credit per grab
Higher Response Rate
To encourage more reviews, we follow-up with our members on your behalf.*

Credit Prices

Instead of charging you for one deal we provide you with credits. You can stop your deal at any time and have your credits returned into your credit bank. This way you can use them across other deals you offer.
CreditsCost per credit

All prices are in USD

Credit(s) are used when a deal's promo/coupon code is grabbed by our members, unused credits will be returned to your credit bank, do not expire, and are non-refundable. You can stop your deal at any time.

*Reviews are always at the discretion of the purchaser.